Our Process

The team behind Sentry Roofing ensures we stay the premier residential & commercial roofing contractor for the New Hampshire & Massachusetts area. Our experienced and professional roofers get the job done right.

Sentry's Total Value Approach

Sentry does the work better. When you hire Sentry Roofing you get the advantage of our complete and comprehensive system for creating the best possible roof for your home.

Asphalt Shingle roofing systems

All our roofing installers are trained and skilled in using the highest quality materials and techniques. You can trust Sentry to do your job right.

We bring in enough manpower to complete your project quickly - usually 1-2 days - without reducing quality. This minimizes the disruption to your life.

We fully cover and protect your house to reduce the chance of incidental damage.

Rather than cut corners and quality, we overbuild to insure the job is done right. You will get the highest quality possible at a very reasonable price.

We are fanatics about cleanup and leaving your home in perfect condition. We even scan around your house with magnets to pick up any stray nails.

Sentry Offers the Best Service and Warranties

Where other roofers may rely only on the manufacturer's warranties, we personally back all our work and materials.

We warranty all our roofs for 10 years, including materials and labor.

Sentry's Transparent Estimating Process

Everyone wants to save money. But when it comes to repairing or replacing your roof, it is not wise to simply go with the lowest estimate.

At Sentry Roofing, we focus on VALUE.

Our Transparent Estimating puts everything upfront with no hidden costs or buried fees so that you can compare, budget and plan with confidence. Contact Sentry Roofing today.

Sentry's Great Pricing, Without Sacrifice to Quality

Our roofing services are not the cheapest because we believe that a cheap roof will not serve you well.

We are not the most expensive, because our system lets us do superior work at a lower cost than many more expensive contractors.

We challenge you to compare. You will not find any roofing contractor that will give you as much value for your money as Sentry Roofing.

Our pricing is competitive, but not cut-rate.