The Sentry Roofing Team

The team behind Sentry Roofing ensures we stay the premier residential & commercial roofing contractor for the New Hampshire & Massachusetts area. Our experienced and professional roofers get the job done right.

Paul Modzeleski

Sentry Roofing's owner and founder, Paul Modzeleski, has earned the nickname "Dr. Roof" through over forty years of personal experience in the roofing business. His sharp attention to detail and extensive knowledge of various roofing styles and materials allow Paul to uphold this title year after year. With Paul, the customer always comes first, which is why he prides himself on his "hands-on" approach to roofing and sales to ensure and exceed full customer satisfaction every time. As a customer, you can rest assured that a personal meeting, free estimate, and answers to any questions you might have are all guaranteed through Paul, who may even climb on your roof himself to ensure that quality inspection! Apart from roofing, he will also rent out dumpsters for any outside projects you may already have scheduled! Family comes first for Paul, so find out with a first hand experience how the Sentry Roofing family conducts its business; with integrity, honesty, care, and teamwork!
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TJ Howley

TJ, Paul's son in law and right hand man, is involved with almost every roofing process at the company. He is the guiding hand for roofing repairs and installations and often times assists Paul with customer sales and appointments. TJ is the epitome of excellent customer service, combining a wealth of roofing knowledge with an extremely personable and friendly attitude to ensure the quality that Paul has ingrained into the company. He is quick to solve any problems and takes great pride in his ability to always be there for the customer and the company. With TJ, you are always in good hands!
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Derrick Jacques

Derrick is Paul's other son in law as well as Sentry Roofing's mechanical mastermind. With an extensive knowledge of engine and truck mechanics, Derrick keeps the wheels of Sentry Roofing rolling with efficiency and an unparalleled work ethic. He is often times seen with his trusty labrador sidekick, "Bauer", on various job sites ensuring a safe and smooth process for the customer and work crew. Be sure to say hi to both of them, especially Bauer!

Dave Ayers

Dave was a project managing addition to the team back in 2017 and since then has gained significant respect and ranking within the company. Just one meeting with Dave and you will understand why! He is eager to help and offer his expertise and knowledge with sales estimates and customer appointments. Dave exhibits every aspect of Sentry Roofing that the company prides itself on. You can rest assured that if Dave is on the job, quality will be its cornerstone every time.

Jhonattan "Johnny" Quintero

Johnny has nearly twenty years in the roofing business and has put that experience to great work as Sentry Roofing's Installation Manager. With thousands of roof installations under his toolbelt, Johnny has the knowledge, commitment, and skill to work with asphalt shingles, metal, EPDM, and TPO roof systems. His cheery attitude and unprecedented work ethic provides a supportive, safe, and efficient work site to guarantee that Sentry Roofing quality!

Patrick Michaud

Patrick was hired initially in early 2019 as the dumpster truck driver for the company but his quick learning capabilities, natural intellect, and personable attitude warranted him worth for other aspects of the company. He is currently one of Sentry Roofing's project managers and is often going in between job sites to make sure the crews have everything they need, and that the customer is satisfied with the process. In addition to project management, Patrick has also moved into our sales team to help provide honest estimates and a result you are sure to be happy with! Patrick is always there to answer questions and find out any information you may need, so don't hesitate to approach him; you will be glad that you did!

Brett Michaud

After taking over the dump truck driving position from his older brother Patrick, Brett has integrated himself with our company in a multitude of ways. Apart from operating machinery for Sentry Roofing, Brett now works behind the scenes in the Manchester office location providing direct communication to and from clients and assisting our sales team with client satisfaction and information. As TJ's right-hand man, Brett helps to ensure that all steps involved in the roofing process from start to finish are squared away and done correctly. With an eagerness to help and the drive to delivery quality assistance, Brett is there for both client and colleague to ensure success!

Drew Fleming

Drew joined Sentry Roofing to add his knowledge and expertise to our sales team. He is one of our top salesman and is always there to provide excellent customer satisfaction by going above and beyond to meet client needs and make sure that every estimate he completes exhibits the care, value, and integrity that Sentry Roofing has come to reliably provide.

Dillon Lindergren

Dillon Joined the Sentry Roofing team at the start of the 2020 summer season. He is a recent graduate from Plymouth University with a personality and work ethic that we love to have here at Sentry Roofing. Dillon has been a key player in guiding jobsites on a smooth course and making sure that both our clients and roofing teams have everything they need to create a beautiful result with our projects. He is willing to go above and beyond every day to consistently uphold the value and integrity that has become a cornerstone for Sentry Roofing.