Snow Removal

Get Dangerous Snow Accumulations Off Your Roof

Rely on us for snow removal services in Manchester, NH

Heavy snow on roofs can look pretty, but it poses a serious threat to the structural integrity of your home. Roofs are built to withstand a good deal of weight, but as snow continues to melt and condense on your roof, the pressure can prove to be too much. Contact Sentry Roofing at 603-774-7663 for snow removal services in the Manchester, NH area.

Winter roof cleaning is essential during periods of heavy snow. Don't put yourself at risk by climbing up on your roof alone. Call us today for a free estimate on snow removal services in the Manchester, NH area.

While a few inches of powder isn't likely to cause any issues, wet snow that continues to pile on can add weight quickly. Especially if you have a low-slope or flat roof, you'll want to watch for signs of imminent collapse, such as:

  • Sticky doors and windows-frames can start to sag under the weight overhead
  • Leaks-water dripping from the ceiling indicates there's serious damage occurring
  • Creaks-ominous noises from structural sagging will be tough to ignore

Prevent serious damage with a winter roof cleaning from Sentry Roofing. Speak with us today to schedule an inspection-we'll assess your roof's ability to withstand heavy snow accumulation.