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We strive to bring you Honesty and Innovation bringing you the best quality possible while ensuring you feel secure and safe in your home or business. And protecting you for years to come…

Choose Sentry Roofing

We are a full-service roofing company that provides quality roofing and exterior services to homeowners and businesses in the NH, ME, MA & VT area.

Peace of Mind

We are fully insured and with most products offering Top-Tier Warranties as a recognized Preferred Contractor in the industry. With us, your home and business are safe and secure for years to come.


Commitment to Safety

We have been providing safe and secure roofing services to homeowners and businesses for decades. Our expertise and knowledge ensures we get the job done right.

Superior Craftsmanship

We know that every project is unique, we take a creative approach to each one, working closely with our clients to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Our Values

Honesty, Integrity, Community, Innovation, Reliability, Security, Craftsmanship, Customer Service, High Standards, Team-Work.

Integrity in Service

From repairs and maintenance to new construction and design, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

So when it comes to roofing , there’s only one choice: Sentry Roofing

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Meet Our Team

The Sentry Roofing team boasts years of experience in Residential & Commercial Roofing and Exterior Design & Installation. Our craftsmanship is only surpassed by our dedication to our customers.

Learn more about your Sentry Roofing experts!

Paul Modzeleski

Paul Modzeleski

Owner & Founder

Paul has been in the roofing business for over forty years. With Paul, the customer always comes first, which is why he prides himself on his “hands-on” approach.

Johnny Quintero

Johnny Quintero

Installation Manager

Johnny is a roofing veteran with over 20 years of experience with various exteriors.
An experienced installer, known for his friendly attitude and work ethic.

Dillon Lindergren

Dillon Lindergren

Project Manager

Dillion ensures that both our clients and roofing teams have everything they need to create a beautiful result with our projects. He is always willing to go above and beyond, on your job-site.

James Conner

James Conner

Machine Technician

TJ Howley

TJ Howley

Director of Operations

TJ is Paul’s right-hand man , and has decades of experience in roofing repairs and installations. TJ’s is here for you, ans ensures you’re happy with your experience.

Brett Michaud

Brett Michaud

Installation Coordinator

Brett is TJ’s right-hand man. From start to finish he helps to ensure everything is done correctly. Brett is there for both client and colleague to ensure success.

Caroline Proctor

Caroline Proctor

Sales Development Administrator

Dave Ayers

Dave Ayers

Relationship Manager/Sales

Dave is always eager to help and offer his expertise during your quoting process. Ensuring you are confident with your choice.

Drew Fleming

Drew Fleming

Relationship Manager / Sales

Drew brings with him years of expertise in customer service and sales. He takes great pride in providing care, value, and integrity to each client –Sentry Roofing customers love working with him!

Jason Kobelenz

Jason Kobelenz

Machine Technician

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Quick and Easy Quotes

  • HOVER quickly transforms photos of your home into a 3D model so you can easily visualize your project and know exactly what it will cost before the work begins
  • Fast, accurate measurements from your photos resulting in transparent quotes, that include cost of products and materials
  • No need to coordinate an in-home estimate, use Hover on your time! For an easy, fast and accurate mobile quote. Great for our customers in ME, VT, Northern NH, Western MA and all over New England!


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to hire Sentry Roofing, what do I do?

Congratulations, you made the best choice! The next step is to call us and set up an appointment for us to come do a free estimate and we will provide you with a comprehensive proposal.

How will I know when my installation will be?

We try to accommodate everyone’s schedule when we schedule a roof replacement. During your scheduling process please let us know when the best time for your installation is/ You will receive a call or email 1-3 days prior to your installation letting you know what day we are planning on starting as well as when your materials will arrive.

What time will the crew arrive?

Our crews start early in the morning. They generally arrive between 7-8am. After tarping the house, it will get a little loud as the old shingles begin being torn off the house. Some small animals get a little nervous, but in our experience, they settle down soon thereafter.

Do I need to be home during my installation?

No, you do not need to be home! Most homeowners are busy rushing the kids out of the house for school and then off to work in the morning. The only thing we may need is a source of power. If you have an outdoor outlet, just double check it works! Otherwise, if you can leave an extension cord out a window or under the garage door that we can connect to, we will be good.

What time will they finish?

Most jobs are completed within 1-2 days. In the summer, when the days are long, it is not abnormal for the crew to stay until nearly 8pm to complete your installation and make sure the clean-up is perfect.

Do I need to remove things from my porch/yard?

The crew will move anything that may be in the way and put in a safe place while your installation is in process. It’s not a bad idea to remove anything fragile or valuable from your interior walls as the walls sometimes shake slightly during the installation process. You may also want to cover any valuables in your attic as (depending on type of construction) some shingle debris and dust can fall through the cracks and end up in your attic.

Where will the dumpster be placed and when will it be removed?

The dumpster normally arrives the day before, or morning of the installation and is placed in your yard or driveway. Our skilled dumpster truck drivers will find the best place that works for both you and the crew. The dumpster is generally removed from the jobsite one business day after the job is completed.

There is material left over, does that mean I over paid?

No, we always try to send a little extra material to every job. Some roofs have a higher “waste” factor then others and determining the exact waste factor is sometimes tricky. We prefer to have plenty of material on site and ready to be used rather than running around at the end of the day.

The job is complete, how/when do I pay?

Once the job is complete you will get an invoice from the office manager. There will be full payment instructions as well as a chance to leave a review! You do not need to give a check to the installers unless you prefer to do so.

Some shingles look like they are sticking up a little, is this normal?

Yes, this is absolutely normal. It can take several days, even weeks depending on the temperature, for the shingles to soften and “sit.” You will notice your roof changing each day after your installation until all the shingles have sat down and adhered. If after all this time, something still doesn’t look right, just give us a call and we will be right out to check on it!

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